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Ultrasound-Based Transient Elastography May Detect Cirrhosis In Certain Patients

  MedPage Today (3/5, Smith) reported that ultrasound-based transient elastography, “a non-invasive diagnostic method, can accurately pick up fibrosis and cirrhosis in patients with recurrent hepatitis C after a liver transplant,” according to a study published in the March issue of Liver Transplantation. “In a meta-analysis, ultrasound-based transient elastography had excellent diagnostic accuracy in detecting… Read more »

Colonoscopies May Help Reduce Deaths From Colon Cancer

A study touting the benefits of colonoscopy received significant coverage, with the findings discussed on two national television news broadcasts, and in several online and print sources. Most sources portrayed the finding as confirmation of the screening tool’s ability to prevent colon cancer deaths, although some experts were skeptical of the findings. The CBS Evening… Read more »