General FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I find the Prep instructions? Please click HERE for Prep Instructions.


Clear Liquid Diet

  • Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to prevent dehydration.
  • NO milk or dairy, nothing with pulp (i.e.: orange juice, vegetable juice), nothing red/dark blue/dark purple. Any other liquid is OK
  • Liquids containing sugar can help prevent low blood sugar and a weak, shaky feeling – sports drinks, regular soda, juice, Jell-O, popsicles, sweet tea, lemonade, kool-aid etc.
  • Occasional caffeinated drink can help prevent head aches – coffee (no creamer), tea, soda etc.
  • Warm liquids can help you feel full – coffee, hot tea, broth
  • Carbonated drinks can help you feel full.
  • Jell-O can help you feel full

Drinking the Prep

  • Powdered drink mix (i.e.: Crystal Light) can be added to each glass of prep to give you a variety of flavors (NO red dye). Add right before drinking the glass of prep.
  • Drinking prep with a straw can make drinking the volume easier.
  • You can chase the prep with a clear liquid of your choice (i.e.: few swallows of prep then a few swallows of soda or juice)
  • You can suck on a popsicle while drinking your prep (orange and green are ok, no red/dark blue/dark purple)
  • If you start to feel nauseated, slow down and take a little break.  Try drinking again in 10-15 minutes.

Effects of the Prep

  • You will have watery diarrhea after drinking the prep, so being prepared is very helpful.
  • Try using toilet paper for sensitive skin (containing Vitamin E and Aloe)
  • Try using flushable personal wipes to clean after bowel movements. Be sure you get your skin dry after using these to prevent skin irritation.
  • If your skin becomes sore, soak in a warm bathtub after cleansing
  • If you skin becomes sore/irritated, try applying Vaseline or A&D baby ointment (non medicated)