Author: gidocs_j0y0mo

Study: Aspirin Use After Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis May Improve Survival

The UK’s Telegraph (4/25, Adams) reports, “Taking a daily aspirin after being diagnosed with bowel cancer can reduce the chance of dying from the disease by almost a third, according to research published” in the British Journal of Cancer. Investigators found that “patients with colorectal cancer who took an 80mg tablet daily for at least… Read more »

More Employers Tying Health Insurance To Medical Tests In US

  USA Today /Kaiser Health News (4/2, Appleby) reports, “Now, more employees are being asked to roll up their sleeves for medical tests – and to exercise, participate in disease-management programs and quit smoking to qualify for hundreds, even thousands of dollars’ worth of premium or deductible discounts.” Those supporting medical tests “say such plans… Read more »