Nutrition Counseling Provided by Registered Dietitian

We welcome Bridget Easley MS, RD, LMNT as our consulting registered dietitian. Bridget has nearly 10 years of consulting experience and is available to assist patients with various gastrointestinal issues such as, but not limited to, celiac disease, fructose and lactose intolerances, gastroparesis, and IBS. She is also certified in adult weight management and works with individuals suffering from disordered eating patterns. Bridget provides consultations that are tailored to each patient individually. With the various dietary restrictions that are usually recommended with GI disorders, Bridget will help each patient feel comfortable and confident in the changes necessary to decrease symptoms. She is passionate in making sure each patient receives and understands how the recommended dietary changes can be achieved without feeling completely restricted with intakes. Nutritional services are available every Wednesday morning and package specials are available after initial consultation. Please call the office at 402-465-4545 to schedule your consultation and get on track to improving your health!