Happy Colon Prep Instructions

You MUST have a driver with you. Public transportation such as Uber, Lyft and taxis are not suitable transportation after sedation.  If you do not have a designated driver, your procedure will be cancelled. While your driver is not required to stay during your procedure, we ask that they remain within 15 minutes of our facility.



  • Oral prescription Diet medications such as Phentermine must be held 10 days prior to the procedure.
  • Medications injected once weekly for Diabetes OR weight loss must be held the week prior to procedures.


  • Blood thinning medications such as Warfarin (Coumadin), Plavix (Clopidogrel), Pletal (Cilostazol) Heparin, Aggrenox (Dipyridamole), Eliquis (Apixaban) or Effient (Prasugrel) will need to be held up to 5 days prior to the procedure. Please refer to the text sent by your nurse for your exact stop date. Please call with any questions.

A notice has been sent to your prescriber of this medication informing them of our request to hold this medication. If they have any instructions other than holding for the length of time we require, they will contact you.  If you have any questions, please contact the prescriber to discuss.

  • Stop all vitamins, herbal supplements, and over the counter medications including Fish oil and Iron. Allergy medications and cold medications are ok if needed until the morning of the procedure. Avoid cold medications that contain Ibuprofen.
  • Stop all NSAIDS such as Ibuprofen, Meloxicam, Celebrex etc. Tylenol or Acetaminophen is ok to take.
  • Stop all flax, chia or other foods containing small seeds.
  • ASA 325mg daily or less does NOT need to be held prior to procedure



  • Stop any opioid antagonists such as Naltrexone.


HOW TO OBTAIN THE BOWEL PREP – PLEASE NOTE – your medical history must be submitted and reviewed by a nurse before you can obtain your prep kit.

  • The Happy colon prep kit can be obtained by purchasing at our office for $60. If you are unable to purchase at our office, the kits can be purchased online at happycolonfoods.com or you can call 855-423-6637 to purchase over the phone. You will need to enter the Provider code NEGS22 when prompted to purchase.
  • The step-by-step instructions are in the kit and may also be found on the website listed above, along with frequently asked questions. It is important to follow the instructions of the kit fully, review the instruction well in advance of your prep day so you will be prepared.
  • If you experience any problems during the prep or have questions about the prep in advance, you will need to contact happycolonfoods.com or you can call them at 855-423-6637 24 hours/7 days a week.


  • NO alcohol or illicit drug use for at least 24 hours prior to your procedure.
  • Do not take any diuretics such as Furosemide, Lasix, Aldactone, Spironolactone, Hydrochlorothiazide
  • Follow the instruction pamphlet included in your prep kit.


  • You may continue the clear liquid diet until 2 hours prior to your check-in time, and then stop drinking.
  • Take only the medications for high blood pressure, or seizures with sips of water at least 2 hours prior to checking in.
  • Inhalers are ok to use any time prior to your procedure.
  • Take no more than ½ your usual insulin dose the morning of your procedure. Contact the physician managing your diabetes for specific dose adjustments if needed. Do not take any oral diabetic medications the morning of your procedure.
  • Please bring a copy of your medication list with you.
  • Please review your post-procedure instructions before resuming any medications.



Why do I have to drink my prep at two different times?

Recent studies have clearly shown split-dose preparation results in higher quality examinations with increased detection of precancerous polyps.


What if I feel like I am going to vomit if I drink another glass of prep or what if I start to vomit while drinking the prep?

Stop drinking prep for 30-45 minutes until symptoms subside, then resume prep.


What should my bowel movements look like after I drink all of the prep solution?

Your bowel movements should be clear yellow liquid. They will look like urine or lemonade. If your bowel movements are still brown and haven’t been clear, please call our office at 402-465-4545. This line is answered 24 hours a day.


What if I have rectal discomfort?

You may apply petroleum-based product or diaper rash ointment such as Vaseline, A&D ointment or Balneol to the rectal area if you experience discomfort from frequent stools.


What if I am diabetic?

Please drink clear liquids that are not sugar free the day prior to your procedure. This will give you calories to assist with your blood sugar levels. Please contact the physician who manages your diabetes for any medication dose adjustments needed. Do not take any oral diabetic medications the morning of your procedure.


Do I take my morning medications the day of my procedure?

You can take any blood pressure and/or anti-seizure medications at least 2 hours prior to check-in. Inhalers can be used any time prior to your procedure. Hold all other medications until afterwards.


Will I be asleep for my procedure?

In the procedure room, you will be given medications through an IV to cause relaxation and sedation. Most patients will nap through the procedure, but you can breathe on your own and will wake up quickly. The sedation can affect your memory during the procedure, and during the times before and after. Many patients have no memory of their procedure at all.


Does my driver have to stay with me during the procedure?

If your driver does not wish to remain in the lobby, a contact number can be given to the nursing staff. These arrangements must be made during the check-in process, or your procedure will be canceled. Typically, the driver can return 1.5 hours after they drop you off or they can be called prior to your dismissal time. We ask that your driver is able to return within 15 minutes of being called back. Public transportation can only be used if you are also accompanied by a responsible adult accepting responsibility at dismissal.


Can I eat after my procedure?

You may resume your normal diet unless otherwise instructed.



  • The first and last name of all doctors you want to receive a copy of your procedure report.
  • A responsible adult to drive you home. It will be mandated and enforced that you have someone to accept responsibility for your dismissal and provide you transportation home. No exceptions will be made to the Center’s policy. Sedation is given during your procedure and impairs your ability to drive and make decisions. IF YOU HAVE NOT ARRANGED FOR SOMEONE TO DRIVE YOU HOME, YOUR PROCEDURE WILL BE CANCELED.
  • Your insurance card and photo ID.
  • Copy of your medication list.


  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.
  • Wear flat shoes or tennis shoes.
  • Please leave jewelry and valuables at home.


If you have additional questions, please contact our office AT 402-465-4545.