The SmartPill Capsule Motility Procedure is an exciting advancement in gastrointestinal healthcare.  Once ingested, the SmartPilll Capsule collects pressure, pH and temperature data from your GI tract and wirelessly transmits that information to a data receiver worn on a belt or lanyard.  This data is then downloaded to a computer, allowing your physician to analyze the information.

These physiological measurements are used to determine gastric emptying time (GET), whole gut transit time (WGTT), and combine small-large bowel transit time (SLBTT).

With just one Capsule, your physician can obtain the information needed to better evaluate your condition.

If you experience gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms such as nausea, bloating, heartburn, or an early feeling of fullness when eating, these are often symptoms of a motility disorder where your stomach does not empty properly.  If you suffer from these or other unexplained GI symptoms, the SmartPill Capsule Motility Procedure may be right for you.